What I wear - to travel in for winter sun ...

As I’m going away, next week until the end of this month for a little holiday.  I thought I would share a few ideas of what i like to travel with.

i don’t know about you but I can be a bit of a fidget, if I don’t have something to entertain me on the go - so a series downloaded to my iPad that I can binge watch or listen to podcasts, plus my headphones 🎧 dull out a lot of the background noise, which is a bonus too and helps me while away the time.  Or alternatively a good book combined with earplugs!

One thing I do always find a bit strange is what some people choose to wear to travel home in. I mean everyone is heading back to Scotland right? Sometimes I think I’ve boarded the wrong plane (because I don’t think it will be short weather when we land - it certainly wasn’t when we left!)

i aways dress for comfort - my go to wardrobe right now is my Brix leggings teamed with the striped Ava dress plus a scarf (because I always can feel at bit chilly especially with the plane air conditioning)



What about you?  What’s your go to travel wardrobe?


See you on my return x



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Get your coat (Winter is fast approaching) ...

Time to start thinking about your winter coat (if you haven't done so already)  As the temperatures start to drop, I thought I would share with you a few of my favourites.  At Eden we have many styles to choose from (although the stock of some styles already is limited).


So here is a little selection ...


The wool mix check coat by B Young

The handloom coat by Nomads

The Teddy coat by Nomads


Do you have a favourite coat?  I would love to know, in the meantime thank you for reading & see you next week x


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Think pink ... colour focus

The shops in Autumn can become ‘dark’ in terms of their clothing offering.  A sea of blacks, greys and muted tones fill the ‘high street’ stores.


So it’s great to see a pop of much needed colour so it’s time to ‘think pink’ from paler tones to bolder hues

Here’s a little pop of pink for you ...

Funky sheep socks from Doris & Dude

Elegant bridal rose tone in this sophisticated blouse

All the colours in this colourblock cardigan


Or block colour in the classic knit


What's your favourite pink?  Hope you enjoyed reading - see you next week


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Introducing Cotton brothers ...

This season we welcome Cotton Brothers to Eden.   A family run company with a vast experience in textile industry.

Cotton Brothers are a women's clothing brand that offer fashion collections with great attention to detail and quality of materials all at an affordable price.

Fashion trends are interpreted by the brand in a very relaxed way, to dress the woman in every moment of her life always with a touch of femininity and sophistication, reflecting her personality and her own style.

The Cotton Brothers woman is practical, dynamic, modern and sensitive to details valuing the relation between fashion, quality and price.


All of their collection is designed and manufactured in Portugal.

Our delivery only arrived earlier this week and is already proving popular.  So don’t delay in snapping up our must have styles.


I hope you enjoyed reading,  see you next week.

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My top ten knits ...

It’s getting towards that time of year when only knits will do.  Here’s a little rundown of my faves ...












Do you have a favourite?  Hope you enjoyed this week’s blog - see you next week x

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