Q&A With Laura Russell from Satisfashion

This week we've been speaking to Laura Russell, personal shopper, fashion stylist and blogger from Satisfashion...

Q and A with Laura 

1. How did you get into fashion styling as a career?

 I have worked my whole life in retail, even perfecting the art shopping from a young age. I worked through the ranks from Sales assistant to Store manager then within a head office environment buying. I love the personal interaction with clients and love making people look amazing in the clothing they chose to wear.

2.  What is your favourite thing about your job?

My favourite thing about my job is working with all my lovely clients, going through their wardrobes then taking them shopping its like working with friends by the end of the day and such great fun. Plus I'm shopping a lot so can’t really complain. 

3.  Which Fashion Icon do you aspire to be like?

I don’t really aspire to be like any fashion icon - I love Fearne Cotton and Holly Willoughbys style and love how they mix up high street with designer.

4.  How would you describe your own fashion sense?

I would describe my fashion sense as classic with a twist.

5.  What inspires your fashion sense?

I'm inspired daily by loads of things when it comes to fashion, it might a person walking down the street to someone on TV, or it maybe even be a colour combination in a shop. I also get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest and magazines.  

6.  Any advice for someone starting a career in fashion?

If you love it you will succeed, things don't just happen you have to work hard for them and just get yourself out and about so people know what you do etc.

7.  If you opened your own fashion boutique, what type of clothes would you sell?

This is my ultimate dream to open a fashion boutique, it would be a Dress shop from daywear to occasion.

8.  Why do you like shopping at Eden?

I love shopping at Eden because you find things that are not on the high street, those unique pieces that are bound to get a compliment.

 9.  What is your favourite fashion era?

My favourite fashion era has to be 50s - I love all the puff skirts and cinched waists showing a great silhouette.

10.  What 3 fashion items could you not live without?

I could not live without my Leather Biker jacket, My Jeans and a Denim shirt. 


If you are interested in finding out more about Satisfashion please take a look at her website and social media links below





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Colour focus - fresh whites...

With the tennis at Wimbledon starting soon (and the theme in our current window display) ... this weeks colour focus is on white.  

White is the perfect summer colour!  It's fresh, clean, vibrant (and shows off your holiday sun-tan too!)

Wear this look by pairing a white textured t-shirt with a white floaty midi skirt with flat sandals for an effortless look

My favourite piece this season is the shirtdress by Malahierba with its quirky Lego buttons - versatile and edgy

Why not try a classic white shirt or simply a basic white tee with a pair of jeans and contrasting pair of heels (just be careful and avoid spills!)

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Eden's mini makeover

You may have noticed over the last month or so we've been busy decorating the boutique inside.  With having paint specialists Farrow & Ball as neighbours next door we couldn't go wrong!  

In the front of the store we've opted for the rich shade of 'Pelt' and in the back room we've gone for 'Ammonite'.  The new colours look fantastic and really make our clothing stand out.

Its now the exteriors turn which will be soon decorated in 'Charlston Grey' (when the weather permits) co-ordinating with our new feature fireplace inside

We would love to know what you think about our new look!

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Colour highlight... yellow

Having just returned from a week away in the sunshine in Cyprus and the weather here is starting to feel sort of summer-like (when it's not raining of course!)


It's time to start injecting some colour into your wardrobes... Yellow is a great colour for the summer, it's uplifting and optimistic - think sunshine, zingy citrus accents and soft pastel shades.





If you are not feeling brave enough to embrace yellow full on, why not go for highlights of colour with your accessories instead.

Is yellow for you?  Let us know

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10 Reasons to Shop Locally...

There are approximately 200 businesses in Stockbridge and three-quarters are independently owned and run.  With the ongoing roadworks in the Stockbridge area we wanted to highlight the benefits of shopping with an independent business...

1. Supporting the local economy - Edinburgh benefits from shoppers spending money in independent shops, in terms of preserving the community, rather than the money going to a London Head Office. 

2. Creates a community - Shop owners become familiar with one another and customers will become known in the area this creates a feeling of a common bond. 

3. The shopping area will thrive off the local shop owners who are successfully running a business and the owners are like-minded citizens with entrepreneurial spirit. 

4. We remember you, your previous purchases, what you like/dislike - Independent shop owners will get to know their regular customers and they will understand what you are looking for. 

5. Shop owners invest in the local community - They are less likely to leave the area and are more likely to encourage support in the community in order to drive business to the area.

6. Economic advantages - The more money made in the local area, the more popular the area is to live in and the value of property increases. 

7. Environmental benefits - Customers have reduced transport time because the shops are local, compared to out of town retail parks. Less travel time means less emissions in the atmosphere. 

8. Products last longer - The lifespan of products tend to last longer from independents, whereas high street products are less expensive but will not last as long. 

9. More choice and diversity - Boutiques can offer products with more appealing choice and products will be different from well known chain fashion shops. 

10. "Use us or lose us !" The following Stockbridge boutiques are no more - Hibiscus Flower, Chic and Unique, Carrie Linton and The Stockbridge Boutique. Local shops and businesses need your support in order to survive.

Let us know if you like to shop locally or would you change your shopping habits having read this blog post?  For further information about Stockbridge please visit


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