Ways to wear ... make one garment into 3 different looks

One dress: 3 different looks

We’ve all got pieces in our wardrobe we wear only once then never see the light of day again. In this blog post I’m going to show you how to style the same garment in three different ways to make an outfit perfect for any occasion. The first piece we have is a long chiffon print dress. This b.young Dress is in a beautiful tropical, floral print which creates a feminine and delicate feel. The different coloured flowers make this dress unique and stand out from the vibrant plants on a neutral block colour background.

The first look is an outfit that would be perfect for a wedding. Wearing the dress buttoned up with a pair of heels and head piece would make this the perfect outfit for a wedding, a day at the races or any other special occasion. The dress would also be perfect for a warm vacation.

The second picture shows a holiday look with the dress being open and used as a shirt or cover up. I have paired the dress with a light vest top and white trousers to create a light and bright look that would be suitable for an evening look on your holidays. Having the dress open would also make a beautiful cover up for at the beach or around the pool. It is a quick and easy way to make an outfit look sophisticated and glamorous. The third look is a more casual piece that could be worn for day-to-day activites such as the school run, going out for dinner or meeting up with friends. By opening up the dress and pairing it with jeans, this makes the outfit comfortable and functional. 

Red Trousers: 3 different looks

The second piece I will make 3 outfits from is a pair of Selected Femme trousers. These wide leg trousers are bright red and very flattering when worn appropriately. The first outfit is a casual day to day look that is suitable for any age. Pairing these trousers with a simple tee and some trainers will create a trendy look that is comfortable and fashionable. Wide leg trousers with trainers has been a stylish look for a while that everyone seems to be copying. The second look has created a jumpsuit using a top which is in an almost identical colour. This look is very bold however can be toned down by accessorizing with basic jewellery and shoes. This outfit could be worn with a pair of black heels, making it suitable for an event or nice dinner. The final look is an extremely versatile one. You can either wear it with trainers to create a casual look or some heels to make it more formal. The black and red contrast well together and makes the outfit very wearable. These red trousers might be out of your comfort zone initially , however isn’t that when you end of feeling your best?


Try something new this spring and pop into Eden for some unique one off pieces. See you next week.

Eden x