The story behind Doris and Dude

Posted by Eden Retail Ltd on

This is going to be a short but sweet blog post, all about SOCKS! It may not sound very exciting but thats where your wrong, Eden has been stocking Doris and Dude socks for a few seasons now, and its the miracle behind how the socks are made which is the most exciting!

Doris and Dude are a small accessories company who specialise in creating Eco friendly and sustainable socks! With use of natural materials like organically grown cotton and BAMBOO yes Bamboo socks you heard right. They try their very best to help preserve our planet by doing every little thing they can, including using recycled paper and card in their packaging. 

These super fun socks also have anti bacterial and anti fungal properties, so your feet will be smelling fresh all day! They have an extensive amount of designs, colours and patterns to choose from and come in Ladies and Mens in a variety of sizes from UK Size 3- 11.  

Enough talking now, keep scrolling to see the range of Doris and Dude socks we have available for you in store today, starting with our mens variety....from Puffins to Bikes and Sheep, we have it all...


And of course ones for the ladies too...

Thanks for reading this weeks Doris and Dude Special post! We hoped you've enjoyed hearing all about these special bamboo socks, pop in store and grab yourself a pair soon!!