The grass is always greener at Eden💚

Posted by Alyx Middleton on

Love it or hate it, green is back. Here at Eden we have every shade possible from dark khaki, to light pistachio and olive. Green was seen all over the catwalks of Milan and Paris this Spring/Summer at fashion week. Neon green has also been a huge success with young, trend led brands such as pretty little thing and missguided. However we have stayed away from the neon this time round and have went for the more classic approach. Green is a colour that is easy to wear as it can be paired perfectly with both black and denim. If you are someone that is afraid of wearing colour then this may be the way to experiment as green can be simple and neutral when the appropriate tone is seleted. 

Here at Eden we have a vast selection of colours in store that is sure to brighten up you Spring/Summer wardrobe. In all styles of garments we have something for everyone. One of our brands “selected” have released a range of vibrant pieces, including a bright green top and dress that is now have available in store. This type of green is one of our most bold, However when paired with a printed jacket for example it creates a unique and exciting look. Our other tones of green are slightly less dramatic and are perfect all season round. Below are pictures of some of the green items we have in store. Lots of dresses are seen in this colour this year and have been popular throughout every collection from each brand. With every shade possible here at Eden we are sure to have the perfect green for you☺️

See you next week