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Surprising Sale Shopping Tips From an Insiders Perspective

Shopping should be an enjoyable experience however, at times it can be stressful and overwhelming, especially at sale time.  You can be lucky and find the perfect piece, in your size and at a fraction of the original price.  However don't be disappointed when it doesn't always go exactly to plan.

So here's our top tips to get the best from the sales - 


Be open minded

You can often set out on a shopping trip with an rigid idea of what you are looking for (when you go out searching for a very specific item you rarely are able to find it) you will find something else amazing when you're not looking for it.

Get in the changing room

If you are trying on you might as well try on a few things, perhaps something outside of your comfort zone? Sometimes it's the things you least expected to like are the ones you may not have automatically chosen.  

Always try on 

Again try on - Different labels, brands and styles can fit slightly differently.  Staff can normally guide you with how a style fits.  You'll either face the problem of having to return the item if it's not right once you got home or just allowing it to live a forgotten life in your wardrobe.

Challenge the staff                   

They'll probably appreciate your willingness for help.  In an independent boutique the person serving you has quite possibly made all the buying decisions too so knows their products and stock inside out.  See what an outsider's perspective can bring you, ask questions and find out more.

Dress for comfort

Wear comfortable clothing (for trying on) wear flats (bring heels if thats what you'll wear garment with)  and a cross body bag (hands free enabling you to browse freely)

Time to get shopping ? We hope our tips were useful - shop our sale now ...

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Independent retailer month is back

July is Independent retailer month, an initative which began in the U.S. and was first brought to the UK in 2012. It encourages customers to shop independently supporting local businesses and communities.

Independent Retailer Month in the UK has 3 aims:

To encourage all those who live in the local area to visit their nearby towns and villages, to explore the local, independent businesses in their community and to rediscover what their place has to offer. To vote with their feet, and with their wallets, if they really do care about having a sustainable, thriving high street!

To encourage independent consumer-facing businesses in towns and village centres to create fun, engaging activities and events throughout July. To focus on attracting the local community back into the town, high street or village centre. To ensure that consumers have a great experience that will in turn make more people want to come back more often.
To encourage product suppliers and all those who serve the independent retail sector to spread the word. Where possible to garner the support from suppliers to enable the retailers to deliver fantastic in-store events and activities, throughout July.

As Stockbridge is packed full of independent businesses - why not make a whole day of it and check out what's on offer... why not make a start from here at Eden and shop some fantastic individual and stylish clothing in our summer sale! 

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The best way to dress for your bodyshape - Part 1... the pear

Dressing for your body shape made simple.  In part 1 -  we are focusing on the pear shape.

The pear shape has a small defined waist, smaller bust, narrow shoulders and full hips and thighs.


The aim is to draw the eye away from the widest part - ie hips and thighs.  To create a more balanced silhouette add volume to shoulders and upper body.  Find tops and jackets that will show off your slender upper body and bottoms that minimise by slimming or elegation

Styles to look for:

Boat, cowl, wide V or U necklines

High waisted trousers and skirts

A-line dresses and skirts

Flat front wide leg or straight leg jeans and trousers

Shrug or gilet for layering

Statement necklace and patterned scarves

Shoulder bags


Looks to avoid:

Bias cut dresses and skirts

Baggy tops and tunics

Patterns or embellishment details on hips and thighs

Low waisted skinny jeans

Low slung belts


We hope you enjoyed this weeks blog (don't worry if you are not a pear - we'll be featuring other body shapes in future blogs)

Looking for more inspiration - check out and Pinterest for more ideas to dress for your body shape

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Pink Is The Colour You Need To Focus On This Spring

We may be in a transition weather period now that we are in spring but the sun is shining and soon enough we'll be in our favourite summery outfits to embrace the new season.

Pink is most definitely on the fashion radar. There are many variants of pink to look out for, outlined below are our favourite spring wear that we currently have instore and online at eden. 

Rose gold metallic 

Hydestyle London bag is pink suede on one side and metallic rose gold on the other. The messenger style bag is perfect for a day out and has two straps that can be removed. 



Deep pink

If you prefer to stay clear of bright pinks them this Nomads raspberry double layer dress is the right shade for you! It is beautifully easy to wear dress perfect for a good weathers day in spring. 



  Warm pink 

Even in spring with the temperature rising it is sensible and fashionable to layer. As show below the Selected Femme textured knit can be a good choice of knit to warm up with.



Floral pink 

Lastly, this lovely Selected femme floral print blouse. Florals for spring may not be groundbreaking, however the chic grey tones in this beautiful blouse really elevate the style. 


Thanks for reading this weeks blog post and I hope you will embrace the pink!

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Real vs Steal- Get Cara Delevigne's Amazing Style

Statement stripes are a massive trend this spring. Cara Delevingne recently rocked this monochrome striped esemble out in Paris.

Love this outfit and crave a cheaper alternative on the stripe trend? Then look no further than this b-young stripy co ordinatated top and trousers combo.

The top is £19 and the trousers are £29. Comfortable and lightweight this duo can be worn casually or dressed up with a big belt and heels. It can also can be worn separately to go with an array of colours and styles.


The best colours that go with trousers are red white and black...

As for for the top, these culotte trousers work wonderfully!

As usual, thanks so much reading! 

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