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Complete summer outfit on a £80 budget - Get More For Your Money

Getting more for your money is always a good thing, right?

Here's a simple summer holiday look in monochrome (but one that won't break the bank!)

Starting from the top we have the SFwillie knit top £35  - it's also available in mandarine if you are looking for a pop of colour instead.

Next we have this supersoft scarf by Miss Shorthair £19

Finally we have these Hilisa shorts £25 - perfect for holidays or for a day like today

Completing the look is easy and voila, there you have new pieces to work together and hopefully team with other garments already in your wardrobe and all for under £80!

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Doing packing for holidays the Eden way...

Holiday time is almost here for me (only one sleep to go!), so i've gathered together my top 5 packing tips.


Go for a lightweight suitcase to make the most of your baggage allowance - my suitcase is pretty small measuring around 15" x 20"   

Be ruthless with your clothes, lay everything out and aim to get rid of at least a third before it goes into the suitcase - If you are off on a beach holiday you'll probably spend most of the time in your swimwear.

Shoes - again limit the number you take with you - for me its trainers to travel in,  flip flops for the daytime and flat sandals for the evening 


Pack what you need - go for travel sized or decant enough of your can't live without products into small bottles.  You’re likely to be provided with hairdryer too at your hotel so that's another thing you can leave out

Roll, don’t fold. Not only does it save space, but it avoids creases too. Tuck underwear into the gaps and stick rolled up socks inside shoes.  Here's a video with 12 travel packing tips and hacks - 


Don't forget to leave a little room for any holiday purchases too!

Happy holidays, hope you enjoyed this weeks blog - don't forget you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest 

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