Surprising Sale Shopping Tips From an Insiders Perspective

Shopping should be an enjoyable experience however, at times it can be stressful and overwhelming, especially at sale time.  You can be lucky and find the perfect piece, in your size and at a fraction of the original price.  However don't be disappointed when it doesn't always go exactly to plan.

So here's our top tips to get the best from the sales - 


Be open minded

You can often set out on a shopping trip with an rigid idea of what you are looking for (when you go out searching for a very specific item you rarely are able to find it) you will find something else amazing when you're not looking for it.

Get in the changing room

If you are trying on you might as well try on a few things, perhaps something outside of your comfort zone? Sometimes it's the things you least expected to like are the ones you may not have automatically chosen.  

Always try on 

Again try on - Different labels, brands and styles can fit slightly differently.  Staff can normally guide you with how a style fits.  You'll either face the problem of having to return the item if it's not right once you got home or just allowing it to live a forgotten life in your wardrobe.

Challenge the staff                   

They'll probably appreciate your willingness for help.  In an independent boutique the person serving you has quite possibly made all the buying decisions too so knows their products and stock inside out.  See what an outsider's perspective can bring you, ask questions and find out more.

Dress for comfort

Wear comfortable clothing (for trying on) wear flats (bring heels if thats what you'll wear garment with)  and a cross body bag (hands free enabling you to browse freely)

Time to get shopping ? We hope our tips were useful - shop our sale now ...