Sale shopping tips...

It's that time of year and the sales are on 

 Sale shopping at Eden

Here's a few tips to sale shop wisely...


Go for quality basics & classic items - Think outerwear, good knitwear, shoes and boots that you will actually wear (not just a bargain!)

Create a list - Take a look at your current wardrobe, in fact maybe even have a clearout beforehand!  Is there anything you are missing?  

Trans-seasonal pieces are always a good find 

Invest in getting clothes tailored for your perfect fit - please don't be afraid to try a bigger size if your size is gone - a small alteration can sometimes be so worth it -  actually PLEASE don't get hung up on sizes at all

Buy colours that suit you - don't buy something when the colour does nothing for you, you know the colours - the ones that wash you out and drain you.  The style might be completely on trend but it will always be one of those pieces that something is not quite right each time you try it on.  


Time to get shopping ?  Shop our sale now ...