Q&A with fashion agent Karen Oliver

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Behind the scenes with a fashion agent.  Read our Q & A with fashion agent, Karen Oliver for an insight into her fashion world ...

How did you start as a fashion agent?

I had been a buyer for over a year and therefore had met a variety of fashion agents and felt it was something I’d be good at given my passion and enthusiasm for fashion.

What is your favourite thing about your job?

I’m very passionate about styling and outfit combinations and focus lots of body shape when helping buyers choose their selections. I enjoy this. I also enjoy the relationships I’ve made with like-minded people.

What 3 fashion items could you not live without?

At this moment – it's my silver Superga’s

Sence Copenhagen Jewellery – it just makes me feel elegant and livens up all outfits.

I'm also loving culottes right 
Which fashion icon do you aspire to be like?

Audrey Hepburn – classy and unique

How would you describe your own fashion sense?

Like me, it’s a bit contradictory. Very up and down and changes daily. I like to look different each day – this goes back to my final year at University, where I based my collection on Carrie from Sex & the City. My London flatmate was my model and we had a 1 day photoshoot where I changed her look and style using my designs and a hair/make-up artist. I believe change creates compliments . . . . . we all need compliments these days ;-)

What inspires your fashion sense? 

Happy, confident, everyday women. Not necessarily women in the public eye. . . .just women who feel happy as they are and wear what makes them glow.

Any advice for someone starting a career in fashion?

In my opinion . . . if you believe in what you’re doing and work hard enough . .. it will happen and it will grow and grow . . . . it’ll maybe not be what you first set out to do but . .. . evolution (in my opinion) always has a funny way of working out for the best – this is something that’s taken me a long time to accept, learn and understand.



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