Just a sort of typical buying appointment (for me) ...

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Well last Monday there was no day off for me  (the fact that Monday is my day off means I do end up spending quite a number of them at buying appointments!) but never mind about that.  I was away buying.  Heading off to Glasgow for yet another buying appointment.  This time it was with Karen Oliver to see the  Nomads SS20 collection.  I had already earmarked some pieces just by looking through their latest catalogue.  Although you really need to see the collection in the flesh to view it properly. 

First we have a quick catch up on what's been happening since we last met up.

Then it's down to business.  Nomads has created a beautiful collection with so much to choose from,  Firstly i go through and 'pull' pieces to try.  Myself and Karen then pretty much try most of it on - at least it feels that way!  We are both around the same size however we have different body shapes and colouring so it's interesting to see what works on one of us may not work on another.

After all tne trying on we are normally needing refuelling, so we head to 'the van' for our lunch.

Afterwards we write up the order.  It's still one of the hard parts of the buying process - selecting the styles, then colours and sizes. I then take photos of what i have  bought - as this collection won't be delivered into store until next February.  The photos are a useful reminder as to what I've bought.



I hope you have enjoyed a little glimpse behind the scenes at a buying appointment - you'll just have to wait a little while before my selection arrives!


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