My own style (and probably why it influences my buying sometimes)

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A little glimpse inside my own wardrobe ... I've recently been starting to have a bit of a clear out at home.   I have just re-read the worldwide bestseller "The magic art of tidying up" by Marie Kondo.  I am at the beginning of my journey so I'm still only working on clothes but will see how i get on. 

Being exposed to new collections from all my brands on a pretty much constant basis can be hard and could mean a lot of clothes, so i have to be a bit ruthless when it comes to my own wardrobe from time to time. 

Photo credit 📷 @krisatomic

Photo credit 📷 @krisatomic

When I go buying I'm not thinking about myself but you, my customers.  I suppose I edit the collections in advance for you, selecting the best pieces, which i hope you will love.  For example, I know many of you prefer a dress with sleeves most of the time, certain necklines etc and if you're something like me also you love pockets in dresses too.  I also look for something that's a bit different too.

As you can probably realise my wardrobe is pretty much 95% Eden (apart from a few pieces picked up when i'm away on my travels) and it spans quite a few seasons too, as like most of us i do hang on to clothes too.  As for footwear I'm so much all about the comfort.  I don’t think I’ve worn heels for a number of years.  I definitely favour trainers and flats.  I am also a little bit obsessed with scarves too!

There some pieces which i can't bear to part with, definitely 'joy sparking' for me.

This has to be one of my favourite dresses.  It's by Bohemia and from a couple of seasons ago.  I have it in navy and also black (although the navy colour is my favourite out of the two - if I was only allowed it in one colour, it would be the navy).  Although I would probably buy it in other colours too if they made it.    I find it so easy to wear.  I still wear it all the time - in summer with cropped leggings and trainers/sandals.  In winter layered up with a long chunky knitted cardigan, opaque tights/leggings and biker boots.  If i'm not in dresses with leggings (don't like my knees!) Otherwise i’m wearing jeans with a top or lots of layers in the chillier months as I hate the cold.


I still can’t give up buying scarves (but that’s no bad thing, right)

I’ll let you know know how my wardrobe edit goes ...

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next week!