Meet Mees ...

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New brand alert!!! I would like to introduce you to Mees, our latest label at Eden.  Mees is a Turkish brand established in 1989, that offer stylish clothing and accessories suitable for all women of any size and age. Their collections are designed by in-house designers who follow the latest trends and developments in the fashion sector. Mees are a brand that strive to make women feel good about themselves and feel comfortable in their own skin by the clothing they choose to put on in the morning. 

I would describe the Mees style as a modern twist on traditional items. As seen from the pictures bellow, they style their clothing with current accessories such as bold sunglasses and chunky trainers, which are then seen in their catalogue and on their website. By doing this they are allowing themselves to cater for a young audience as well as a slightly older market that may style the garments differently. This shows the versitslity in their clothing and how they can be adapted to make the same outfit look different and suitable for a number of occasions. There clothing is also at a high quality with products being sturdy and practical from the reliable fabrics used.

Below are a few pictures of items that are available in store. There are lots of pieces perfect for this Spring/Summer. The collection in store reminds me of the Tommy Hilfiger style from the variety of stripes and similar colour palettes. Mees are pieces that can been seen as a great investment. They will be part of your wardrobe for a long time from their timeless styles and high quality materials. 


Get yourself down to the store to have a browse before it’s all gone!!

See you soon 

Eden x