Getting out of your comfort zone ...

Sometimes it’s easy to wear something you are comfortable with but trying on different styles from your usual go-to pieces or experimenting with colours can be fun.  You never know, you might discover a whole new look!

I’ve been getting a little bit out of my comfort zone a bit this month, as I'm taking part in Socialmouthsam #smallandmightystories challenge on instagram.  I'm posting up videos of myself talking to camera on my instagram stories this month. Yes you heard me right videos,  for someone that isn't obsessed with taking selfies and normally blinks at just the wrong moment when a photo is taken - it's not normally something i would do, but i'm just giving it a go. 

I'm learning lots along the way and the longer it goes on the (slightly) easier I'm finding it.  

When i recorded my first video (i recorded quite a lot of attempts) finally found one that wasn't too cringeworthy and played it back, it first reminded me of hearing my own voice recorded on tape - the medium of my youth (am I showing my age there?) 

Photo 📷 @helloimnik

A week into the challenge I’ve discovered I’m so not techy but at least I’m willing to give it a try!

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