What I wear - to travel in for winter sun ...

Posted by Alana Johnson on

As I’m going away, next week until the end of this month for a little holiday.  I thought I would share a few ideas of what i like to travel with.

i don’t know about you but I can be a bit of a fidget, if I don’t have something to entertain me on the go - so a series downloaded to my iPad that I can binge watch or listen to podcasts, plus my headphones 🎧 dull out a lot of the background noise, which is a bonus too and helps me while away the time.  Or alternatively a good book combined with earplugs!

One thing I do always find a bit strange is what some people choose to wear to travel home in. I mean everyone is heading back to Scotland right? Sometimes I think I’ve boarded the wrong plane (because I don’t think it will be short weather when we land - it certainly wasn’t when we left!)

i aways dress for comfort - my go to wardrobe right now is my Brix leggings teamed with the striped Ava dress plus a scarf (because I always can feel at bit chilly especially with the plane air conditioning)



What about you?  What’s your go to travel wardrobe?


See you on my return x