Fashionably Ethical

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One thing we can say we're proud of here, is the Eco-friendly and ethical brands that we carry. Saskia, Nomads and Selected Femme are known well for their sustainable values, and they display this well through their clothing and choice of fabrics.

Saskia is a brand that was developed in 2009 in Kent, Saskia is the designer herself, she takes inspiration from traditional womens Peruvian clothing after living in the country for some time. Ensuring that Saskia's collections are made in an ethical way was a main aim when producing the company, and so only natural fabrics like Cotton, linen, silk and Cashmere are used while producing Saskia's collections. 

 Here you can see just some of Saskia's Spring/Summer pieces for the season!


Selected Femme are a brand that we have been working with for nearly a decade now, and in recent years  'Bestseller', the head brand that they come under, along with Jack & Jones, Vera Moda, Vila Clothes and many others have made the statement that they want to become one of the most sustainable companies on the high street. They have set a goal of having the majority of their clothing made from sustainable resources by the year 2020 and completely cutting out the use of virgin plastic bags in all of their stores along with 19 other goals by the year 2020. 

Below you can see some of the key pieces that we have in store and online!

Last but definitely not least, we have Nomads, a brand that are mostly known for being fair trade and their ethical values, for example their work ethic involves employees working at their own free will, paying a fair wage to employees at or above the national average, no children under the age of 16 making their products and many more. 

Not only are their employees treated fairly, but they also use organic cotton for their gardens and use recycled packaging, doing that extra bit to help the environment. Below you can see some of the Nomads garments we have in store, more details on these can be views in last weeks blog post!

Thanks for reading this weeks post on our ethical brands, hope to see you in store soon!