Fade to grey... Colour focus

Living in Scotland you most definitely get more wear out of your Winter clothes than your Summer styles..  So calculating cost per wear it makes this season a good one to invest in.

As the days get shorter and nights longer, Grey is here for Autumn/Winter too.   A classic jumper with a twist makes a must have piece in anyone’s wardrobe.

It's all about feeling comfortable yet upping your style stakes during the gloomier winter months.

Grey doesn't have to be boring, though.  A jumper doesn't have to be just for lounging on the sofa (although that works too!), layer it up over a shirt, striped top or a blouse for a smarter more styled look.  

This block colour knit works well with jeans or smarter trousers

Greys are not just for knitwear either- we love the flocked texture as seen on the Avelina essential dress and Agatis top both by Smash




This long line cardigan by Selected Femme certainly makes a great wardrobe investment (and it's super cosy too)


We would love to know what are your go-to greys?  Drop us a message and let us know.  We hope you enjoyed reading this weeks blog, please follow us on social media and you next week