Eden’s Fairtrade Brands

Here at Eden we are proud to share that we work with fair trade and eco friendly brands, to do as much as we can to help the environment. Nomads, People Tree and Mees are three of our ethical brands that actively support the environment. Nomads is a brand we have stocked for many years now, with it never disappointing and also being a customers favourite.  This year it's also Nomads 30th birthday, a no mean feat!  Nomads offers casual clothing that is perfect for day to day activities as well as providing beautiful dresses that are flattering and suitable for any occasion.

Mees is a new brand at Eden this season which offers light weight, well made clothing in environmentally friendly fabrics. Their clothing is ideal for any upcoming holidays, from their vacation styled garments and light colour palettes.

People Tree is the final brand that offer high quality products which are all also fairtrade and therefore helping the environment. People Tree  is also a more casual brand with a few dressy alternatives. They like to think outside of the box and create unique clothing which makes them stand out next to other brands. 

All brands use natural materials where possible, avoiding plastic and toxic substances. Nomads have recently introduced a new no polyester stance, using only natural fibres. This means the lining of the garments will be made from either biodegradable viscose or cotton. They even use biodegradable packaging too.  People Tree is a brand that creates employment in rural areas where work is often limited. Their employees are all over the age of 16 where they work of their own free will, using traditional hand weaving, knitting and embroidery techniques to create the clothing. People Tree was also the first fashion company to be awarded the world fair trade organisation product label.  Mees also create clothing from environmentally friendly fabrics, ideal for holidays and day to day living. 

We choose to work with these brands in order to help the environment whist also providing our customers with high quality products that are also aesthetically pleasing. Each brand provides beautiful clothing that works perfectly for our store. To find out more information about each brand have a look on their individual brand pages. 

See you next week

Eden x