Eden on Pinterest

Posted by Emma Clark on

Have you heard of Pinterest before or have an account yourself? If you haven't heard of it before then don’t worry in this blog post I am going to fill you in all you need to know about Pinterest. Did you know Eden are on Pinterest? 

Pinterest account - edenretail 

Pinterest is an American originated social media platform that allows users to visually share and discover new interests through ‘pinning’ and creating ‘boards’ via posting images and videos. You can pretty much find anything on Pinterest, you are after from cooking recipes to outfit inspiration and even where to go on holiday.

By having your own Pinterest account you can create specific boards which is essentially an album of photos you have uploaded or saved from other accounts. For example Eden have a ‘Window Display board’ which shows you all of our window displays pictures in one collective place. 

Fancy a look at Eden on Pinterest? 

This is what our profile header looks like, it tells you a bit about Eden and a direct link to our website so you can go straight to the online website.

By following Eden on Pinterest you get to keep track of all our boards you can find these in the ‘boards’ section underneath our profile header it looks just like this.

We have a range of boards from our ‘Window Displays’ to ‘New In’. These boards give you a look at a specific category with all the relevant pictures in them, have a look at our ‘Window Displays’ board to get an idea. By following Eden on Pinterest you can see all these boards and get notified when a  new picture is uploaded. This allows you to not only see what is in-store at Eden but also gives you outfit inspiration.

From our Window Displays board you can see all of the new window displays from Eden, this also gives you direct links to each item mentioned in the post. Another great feature of Pinterest is that you can save each of our pictures to your on board by ‘pinning’ them. This means you can save the pictures that suit you and have them all in one place, ready for you to come into store and find what you are after. You could create a ‘outfit inspiration’ board and pin (save) photos from Eden’s Pinterest of pieces of clothing you like.

Pinterest is another way to keep up to date with what’s all happening at Eden, so if you don’t already why not give Eden a follow on Pinterest. Keeping you in the loop!!