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Posted by Emma Clark on

Social media now plays a huge part in all our day to day lives as you can find out where to eat, what to do on rainy days and even where to shop by just one quick search. Did you know Eden are on social media? You can find us on Facebook and Instagram. 
Instagram - @edenretail   
Facebook - 

You may wonder why to follow a shop you buy from on Instagram, well there are many reasons. One it lets you see what’s new into store before anyone else through Instagram posts and sneak peeks on stories which give you a quick insight. Another important reason is that you can keep up to date with everything happening at Eden from opening to closing times to special events. 

Have a peek at our Instagram account pictured below to show you a glimpse of all the features we have at Eden for you. Firstly make sure you are following the right account, here’s what ours looks like. Our profile gives you a little insight into Eden, from our location to links to our online website.

We have just recently added a brand new feature to our Instagram account called ‘Highlights’ these are the round purple circles you will see above our posts on our profile main page.

The four circles are called ‘POSTS’, ‘BLOG’, ‘NEW IN’ and ‘SALE’. You can click on each one to see previous posts and stories that have been uploaded to them as well as brand new ones.

In our ‘posts’ section it shows you all the different pictures we have uploaded to our main feed, this lets you have a quick look at each post that has already been posted in one go.

The ‘Blog’ section allows you to see new blog posts that have been uploaded to Eden’s website under ‘news letter’ along with short snip it videos of what’s on the blog post. This helps you get notified when there is a new blog post that has been uploaded to Eden.  You can also find more information about specific products or new information. 

Ever wondered what’s latest to arrive in store at Eden, well lucky for you our ‘New In’ section allows you to see sneak peaks of what has just come into store allowing you get a picture of what styles and pieces we have. 

Last but not least our ‘Sale’ section is where we upload sale pieces we are loving from last items of coats in stock to final reductions. Here you can get a much better idea of what’s in the sale from sizes to how much items are. 

While you are here if you don’t already follow our Instagram then this a special peak were you can see our last nine posts. 

I hope this post gives you an insight into Eden on Instagram and if you are not following already then I hope to see you over on Instagram right now!