Eden Advice- The Meaning Behind Colours

Posted by Eden Retail Ltd on

Last week, Eden was one of the partners in the SmartWorks Edinburgh fashion pop up event, which helped raise over £5000 to help women get back to work.

We felt inspired by the charity to share some tips on the subconcious message behind the colour of clothing, as they play an important role in altering perspectives.

Black suggests power and authority and is a good choice for an interview. However, it is advised to avoid wearing too much black as it can give off an unapproachable vibe.

White can easily be paired with a lot of things. It is also a pure and simple colour.

Grey denotes confidence and style. It wont overwhelm the outfit and distract from what you are saying.

Blue is notably a calming colour and is recommended for wearing as it represents loyalty.

Red is a bold choice and has lots of meaning, including love and danger but it may be too intense for an interview outfit.

Purple is an old fashioned colour for royalty and because it is naturally a unusual colour to find in nature, which means that it can appear artificial. 

Pink may come across too feminine and romantic. Although accents of pink in an outfit are nice.

Green is an earthy colour which is a good option because it is also a calming colour.

Yellow is bright and happy however, it can also run the risk of being too overwhelming.

Brown can be a good choice as it is a natural trusted colour and once again a stable like the earth.                  

Thank you for reading this weeks blog. All garments photographed are available this week in the sale and could provide some useful outfit inspiration for an interview.