Claire Pentland from StyleDuJour

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In the blog this week, I am going to talk about Claire Pentland from StyleDuJour. Claire is a personal stylist based in Edinburgh and she provides Wardrobe Consultations and Personal Shopping to her clients.  She is also on Instagram      (@styledujouredinburgh), where you can find beautiful pictures of her favourite outfits.

We actually had the chance to meet her in the shop recently and  asked her a few questions about her role as a stylist.


  • What is your favorite thing about your job?

‘I love being able to help clients with their confidence through their wardrobe. Once clients know their body shape and which items suit them, they feel better about themselves and it is easier for them to get dressed in the morning.’  


  • What 3 fashion items could you not live without?

Leather trousers - you can dress them up and down an you can wear them any season.s Mine are from Topshop.’

‘A blazer - again, you can dress a blazer up or down and it’s smarter alternative to a cardigan. I would recommend you own at least two - one black or neural colour and one a brighter colour.’

White trainers - just a classic!’ 

  • How do you come up with new ideas for instagram post?

‘As I post pictures most days of my outfits, I generally just pull outfits together based on how I feel that day. Sometimes I see an outfit on a TV show, film or a magazine that inspires me. Or, I use Pinterest.’

  • What are you planning for your styling career in the future?

‘I’m hoping to start adding more video content rather than photos. I just need to figure out what that will be…'  

  • Any advice for someone starting their own fashion business?

‘My advice to anyone who would like to start their own fashion business or blog is to just go for it. I kept going back and forth about training to be a stylist. If you keep thinking about it, you should do it!’ 


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