Brand focus 2 - Doris & Dude

Are you aware of all the different ranges that are stocked at Eden? Here at Eden we have a range of different brands that you may not have known about or maybe heard of but don’t know that much about. In this blog post it is going to be all about Doris & Dude. This is post number 2 of the brand series, number 1 was all about Nomads.
You may not have known about this brand at Eden or heard of it before as it isn’t a womenswear clothing label instead its just about the socks. Even though there is only a small selection of Doris & Dude socks instore at Eden they are very popular due to the fun colours and prints. It also makes them more exclusive as it will be rare to find someone you know with a pair.
Doris & Dude are a small West Country accessories company that have a love for the simple things in life. The brand are all about comfort but still being fun while also doing their bit for the environment. The brand use natural materials including organic cotton and bamboo.

Fancy a pair of colourful socks for yourself? Come into store and pick them up for yourself for just £5.00. They aren’t sold online so you will have to come in and see all the patterns for yourself. With only a limited amount of stock left, if you want a fancy pair of socks then be quick as you never know.