Brands sold at Eden 5 - Selected Femme

Posted by Emma Clark on

This is part 5 of the brands sold at Eden, if you are thinking part 5? Then you need to go back and read the previous  posts of the brands sold at Eden. In each blog post it tells you about a different brand that is in-store and online. Today’s brand is Selected Femme.

Selected Femme is a firm favourite here at Eden, you can find it in-store and online. Selected Femme is a rooted in Scandinavia aesthetic womenswear clothing brand that is all about pared down elegance. The different collections the brand comes out with are all inspired by iconic woman of the past mixed with the essence of the present. 

The brand goes by blending classic style with high street fashion to create sophisticated pieces that characterise the brand. Selected Femme is all about keeping clothes you will love and want to wear and re-use again and again. Their silhouettes are cool but still have a feminine sense about them.

Selected Femme do clothing that you can wear in more than one way keeping your style up to date and different. The dress above is one example of this as by adding a belt to the waist of the dress, it will create a completely different look. Adding structure and a creating a fitted look, however, wearing it loose creates a relaxed street style outfit. You can get this dress online at Eden and in-store, it is the ‘Selected Femme - Slfaleena Tonia Dress’ for £85.

Have you learned about brands that you haven’t heard about before and now have a new favourite brand to shop at. If you do then let us know, make sure you come into store to see the brands and clothing in person so you get a better sense and feel for the brands.