Brands sold at Eden - SENCE COPENHAGEN

Posted by Emma Clark on

Have you seen previous blog posts about what brands are sold at Eden. If not I am letting you know about what brands are stocked at Eden and information about the brands. In this post I am going to be telling you all about SENCE Copenhagen , maybe you didn’t know about them or have heard of it but don’t know that much information. This is number 5 from the brands stocked at Eden series, make sure to catch up on pervious posts if you haven’t already. Are you a jewellery lover? If so keep reading.

Did you know Eden stock a wide range of jewellery exclusive in-store by the brand Sence Copenhagen. You can find stackable bracelets that look great on their own or stacked up together. Sence Copenhagen is a designer jewellery brand from Scandinavia, the brand stands for exclusive jewellery for the trend-setting women. The jewellery is made by Scandinavia designers who have a passion to combine jewellery and fashion.

The brand makes it possible for woman to switch up their jewellery with the daily change in clothes and change in colour. Therefore, the brand stands by giving woman the freedom to play with jewellery that suits their style and personality. Come into store at Eden to find your style of jewellery that is different from the rest .

Above is just one of the stunning pieces here at Eden we have in store for you, these bracelets are great to add to any outfit whether it’s an everyday look such as a tee and skinny jeans or a more stylish outfit. You can wear just one the leather bracelets by itself by breaking the bracelet up or have the, all together creating a stacked look. The bracelets come in a range of colours with the leather section coming in shades such as pink and red. The stunning bracelet is the finished of with accents of Sterling silver and different charms hanging from the bracelets. Each bracelet is different giving a character to them. Find your perfect one in store now. 

Looking for a jewellery brand that is different from the rest.? Then Sence Copenhagen may be the brand for you. Do you follow Eden on social media to keep up to date with what’s all happening, if not then why don’t you give us a follow on Instagram. Instagram - @edenretail