Brand focus 3 - B Young

Posted by Emma Clark on

Are you aware of all the different ranges that are stocked at Eden? Here at Eden we have a range of different brands some that you may not have known about or maybe heard of but don’t know that much about. In this blog post it’s another brand and this week it’s about B Young. This is number three so make sure you have check out the previous  two posts beforehand.

B.young is another customer favourite you can find it in -store and online at Eden. B. young is a Danish fashion brand founded in 1991 in Vejile, Denmark. The brand offers commercial fashion that focuses on quality and design with value for money inspired by contemporary market trends.

B. Young are passionate about fashion and offer on trend styles for women all year round through their six annual collections. In store at Eden you can find floral tops that scream out Spring Summer by the brand. The B Young women is someone that has a lot of things going while mixing her everyday life with her career, family and friends.

The top below is just one of the gorgeous prices B Young stocks and that we have available here at Eden. Perfect for everyday wear. The top is the ’B.young - Bypanya floral rib top’ for £29, the top is in a stunning sea green. It features a floral front with a plain pack giving a two toned look with a round neckline and short sleeves.

That is a bit of information and facts about the fashion brand B Young. I hope you learned a little more about the brand and what they are all about, if you feel like this is a brand for you then head over to Eden - to shop the brand. Keep an eye out for other blog posts about more brands sold at Eden.