Brand focus 1 - Nomads

Posted by Emma Clark on

Are you aware of the different range of brands that are stocked at Eden? Here at Eden we have a range of different brands that you may not have known about or maybe heard of but don’t know that much about. This blog post is the start of a number of series of posts about the brands we have here at Eden. They will all be numbered with this one as you can see being ‘1’ so you can keep track. First up is a popular brand, Nomads.
In this blog post I am going to be letting you know about what brands are stocked at Eden along with a bit of information about the brand and a sneak peak at what we have stocked by the brands at Eden. 

One of our most popular brands in-store is Nomads with it being a customer favourite for many years. Nomads is a fair trade clothing brand that has been on the go since 1989, that’s over 30 years of fashion. The brand was started by Duncan and Vicky who after exploring the country together decided to use the last of their travel money to invest in a selection of fair-trade handicrafts from Nepal. They then brought these purchases back to the U.K. and sold them at the first ever Nomads stall in Camden, London. 

That’s how the brand came about and since then Nomads have continued to create ethical fair trade clothing that celebrates natural fibres and traditional Asian techniques. If fair-trade and ethical clothing is something you stand by then Nomads is the perfect brand for you. 

Nomads stock a range of clothing pieces from pinafore dresses to lightweight trousers all in different colours and bold patterns. With Summer coming up the SS20 collection is in-store at Eden and as always is a popular one. 

You can also find Nomads stocked on Eden online, just click the link below to take you straight to the Nomads collection were you can find both these pieces. The trousers pictured above are perfect for beach holidays and summer days showing the patterns and colours Nomads love. These are the ‘Nomads - CM1003 Stripe Wide leg trousers’ for £48.

Maybe you always buy Nomads clothing but didn’t know that much about the brand itself, or it is a new discovery for you. Either way I hope in this blog post you now know what Nomads stand for and how they are all about fair trade and sustainable fashion. Head over to Eden online and shop from Nomads for yourself. Keep your eyes peeled for more blog posts about other brands sold at Eden.