Bold prints of the season

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We have SO much prints this season to share with you, so this weeks blog post is simply going to be a selection of our favourite prints with links to the product on which they are on and where you can find them, hope something catches your attention this week!


These two prints come from the brand Nomads, exactly the same print just in completely different colours which make a huge difference, shop these tops now - Right Print - Left Print


Carrying on the Nomads theme, these two prints have very similar colouring but with the feathers including a pop of orange to brighten up the top a bit, shop the right print here on the feather print t -shirt and the left here on the short sleeved flare dress.


I know what your thinking, florals for Spring....but they are a pattern that just do not go out of date and are always on trend. You can get away with wearing a completely black outfit with a floral top and it will definitely make your outfit! Shop these B Young beauties here - Left Print - Right Print - Currently only available in store.


Not everyone is a fan of colour and thats a fact, but there are ways of wearing a fun pattern with minimal colour if your trying to experiment a little bit. On the right is our Muted Tones 'Shibori Shirt' which you may have seen featured in some of our other blog posts and on the left is the B Young Dazer Skirt.


Stripes? What are your thoughts? I think most people are a fan of stripes, but again it depends on colour, horizontal or vertical? The patterns here could not be more different, but both equally as fun, the mix of colours on the right hand side weirdly compliment each other considering some of the colours are polar opposites. This print is featured on the back and arms of a Nomads long sleeved oversized top which you can find here. And on the left is the B Young Sadino Print Blouse, this ones a bit more safe, composing of colours that compliment each other, and putting a girly spin on this blouse.


Okay we've shown you quite a variety of patterns, and its not even half of what we currently have in store, but to end this post we're going to show you two of the more simple patterns we carry, spots and stars are a classic print and again, you can't really go wrong wearing any of them. The metallic spots on the left are featured on the Selected Femme SFValora top and the stars on the right on the B Young Tilavimo star shirt.

Hope you've enjoyed the post this week on our favourite prints in store, come in and see for yourself what other prints we have to offer you!