Behind the scenes of our spring/summer fashion show ...

Posted by Alana Johnson on

Fashion shows are great fun to watch but there's a fair bit of work involved which goes on in the background to put on any event. 

Here's a little glimpse behind the scenes ...

On Sunday we held another fashion show in-store (the fourth one held in the boutique itself) This formula seems to work for us - it certainly makes things a little easier by not having to move all the outfits to another venue for a start!  

With over 40 different looks shown on our 'catwalk'  first is the planning of outfits for our models - as there is very little time between changes (I try to make the changes as easy as possible) 

Music is so important too.  My playlist ended up in 'shuffle mode' by mistake but worked out in the end!

There's always things that don't go according to plan but you just have to 'wing it'  As long as my customers enjoy themselves its worth it.  


Until next time,  thanks for reading  Ruth x