Behind the scenes at a buying appointment

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On Monday there was no Bank Holiday for me, (in fact as Monday is actually my day off so I don't get any Monday holidays at all!) but never mind about that.  I was off buying.  Heading off to Glasgow for yet another buying appointment.  This time it was for B Young's end of year (think Christmas time) collection.  Think rich opulent colours, fabrics plus a bit of black too.

The Danish brand B Young produce six collections which are delivered throughout the year, ensuring that there is a steady stream of new products arriving in-store.   Each collection contains around 200 - 250 pieces so there's quite a lot to choose from, thankfully not all of the styles are ones I would select for Eden.


Even though its still one of the hard parts of the buying process - selecting the styles, then colours and sizes.

The brands look book and colour palette can inspire me but I do tend to try on all my chosen samples (in fact I don't understand buyers who don't do this) things can look completely different on a hanger or on a model in a glossy catalogue.  Sometimes the fit is not quite right or not as expected.

I hope you have enjoyed my glimpse behind the scenes at a buying appointment - you'll just have to wait a little while before my selection arrives!


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