(Almost the) Last of the 'New ins' for spring / summer 18

Although it seemed like the end was never going to be here, it now is! Over the past few weeks we've received almost all of our final Spring/Summer deliveries from our different brands, so this post is just to let you know what new products we have in store for you, we've got Bohemia, Smash!, B Young and Nomads to show you, so keep reading to catch up on our latest!

First, we have the Hyrsa Flamingo print sleeveless shirt, it just screams SUMMER at you and is perfect for warmer weather when you no longer have to wear long sleeves to cover up!

 B Young Flamingo Print Sleeveless shirt 

This Smash! jumpsuit is just perfect for the Summer weather, got a holiday booked? Count one of your Summer outfits sorted! The fabric is super comfortable and it has an elasticated waist with a tie so it hugs you in all the right places!

Pons Overall Jumpsuit - £84

On the theme of Smash! we're going to show you one of our new in dresses, again, the super fun fan oriental type print is a little different to most things you see on the high street these days. The fabric and style of this dress hugs you in all of the right places, the wrap around affect is really flattering around the waist, there isn't anything not to like! 

Avelina Osaka Dress - £57


Moving onto Nomads now, we have so much Nomads in at the moment, but the bright colours and patterns are so popular with our customers! The first product I'm going to show you is the Mock Wrap Maxi dress, we weren't sure exactly when to put this out in store, both because of the unpredictable weather here in Scotland and we didn't want to scare people off with bringing Summer clothes in too! But here we are because its just too fun to hide!

Nomads Mock Wrap Maxi - £84

Although its not always warm enough for a skirt or dress in our summers, you can still get away with wearing light weight trousers with a funky pattern to keep within the Summer theme! Or perhaps for someone who just isn't that comfortable with showing off a bit of leg!

 Nomads Narrow Leg Fan Print Trouser - £52


One more Nomads piece for you then were going to move on or else we'd be here forever! This is the same print featured on the Narrow Leg trousers mentioned previously and its one our customers have shown a lot of interest in, this style dress its great for any occasion really, wear it on holiday on a hot day, or wear it with tights to work, the choice is yours!

 Nomads Ruched Side Dress - £58

Our last few bits to show you are ones from Bohemia, first up we have this gorgeous white, flowy Maxi dress, it has quite a unique shape to it that you can see much better when its on and moving about, great for the heat, or at night time when its a little bit cooler, or perhaps you have a Summer event coming up? The options are endless!

Bohemia Summer Dress - £99


 Last but definitely not least, we have this super fun Bohemia oversized short sleeved dress, it has a kind of kaftan style to it with the light fabric and oversized aesthetic, but with sleeves...great for when your somewhere hot and you just want to throw something light on!

Bohemia Multi Patterned Dress - £75

 Thanks for reading this weeks blog post on our last of the 'new ins' for a while, hope you've enjoyed and gotten some Summer inspiration!