Wardrobe edit with Satisfashion

As the new season deliveries arrive I thought it was about time to have a proper wardrobe clearout, from time to time is essential to keep your style fresh, to make more room for new purchases! and to see what you already have before you hit the shops.

Firstly i thought about trying this method - 

Turn all the hangers the wrong way round and then each time you wear something put it back the right way round.  After a month have a look at the items that haven't been worn and then decide their fate but as its a complete pet hate of mine I didn't think this would work for me.

empty hangers

So I decided to call in the expert - Laura Russell, personal shopper, stylist and fashion blogger from Satisfashion to help me.

We chatted first about what I wanted to achieve and my style and then went through my whole wardrobe sorting into piles of clothes as we went along.  Laura gave me lots of suggestions and some different ideas which I have been trying out.

I discovered I only own 1 skirt, not very many jumpers and possibly need to buy some different shoes and boots!  I also tend to wear things a bit oversized and layer a lot too.  I could also do with maybe a little bit more colour.

So maybe I should buy this coat!

I now have a much more organised wardrobe (and bags of clothes destined for the charity shop and eBay)

I highly recommend Laura from Satisfashion and am now looking forward to some more shopping (when I get the chance) with a clearer focus of what to buy.