A Day in the Life of Eden at Autumn ...

Posted by Eden Retail Ltd on

Its a funny time of year for me - its starting to get darker and colder meaning customers are looking for updates to their autumn/winter wardrobes, finally getting their heads around the new season, planning their winter wardrobe and thinking about what to wear to parties.  Whist I am away finishing up my buying for Summer 2018, I'm selecting my buys for summer and holidays meanwhile the temperature is getting colder!  


 A typical day in the boutique (if there is ever such a thing) for me is ...

First thing is lots of coffee, while I check through my emails.

I then catch up on some admin, reviewing purchase orders and sorting invoices.  Most of the day is spent helping customers whilst in between unpacking, steaming and merchandising new deliveries.


I'm forever cleaning and tidying the boutique (probably more than i do at home!)  I change the window weekly so plan what will go in next.  If I have time I'll remerchandise the displays inside too.

Before i know it - it's the end the day.  I tidy up again and plan for the next day (whether if goes to the actual intended plan,  i'll have to wait and see!)


Hope you have had a good day,  see you in a fortnight (we're escaping on holiday next week) x