Wearable Technology - More Chic Than Geek

With the introduction of the Mighty Purse at Eden, it got us thinking about wearable technology and the future of fashion and tech possibilities. The worlds of technology and fashion have begun to merge and neither should have to sacrifice. It is important that wearable technology looks aesthetically pleasing and that the product is good quality and actually functions well. 

Mighty Purse - charges your phone.

The latest wearable gadgets are smart watches. Ruth has a Fitbit watch which tracks the number of steps she does in one day. Swarovski are launching a jewelled bracelet which records your fitness activity, and Fossil have designed a watch which allows the use of apps and has been designed to look vintage. The Apple Watch has made a huge impact on the fashion world, as Anna Wintour has been seen wearing one. Her approval of wearable technology makes a major impact on the future of fashion and tech. 




Smart fabrics come in the form of sports wear. There are leggings which recognise yoga positions and give advice throguh an app. Another example is Ralph Lauren polo tops which monitor your heart rate and breathing. The idea of fashion becoming functional stems from 21 century lifestyle changes. 

Wearable technology needs to work seamlessly and have relevance to consumer lives. These products need to be affordable and accessible in order to be successful. At Eden we have begun to stock the Mighty Purse which charges your phone and is made from real leather. It combines a fashionable and a quality design with functionality which is perfect for everyday wear. 

 Links to products

Mighty Purse - https://www.edenretail.co.uk/collections/mighty-purse-by-h-butler

Fitbit - http://www.fitbit.com/uk

Swarovski - http://www.swarovski.com/Web_GB/en/index

Fossil - https://www.fossil.com/uk/en.html