Sence Copenhagen Jewellery

Posted by Eden Retail Ltd on

Our latest jewellery find at Eden is Sence Copenhagen jewellery.  This stunning brand from Denmark offers a range of products, featuring semi precious stones combined with a special finish gold and silver plating.  With their charm pieces you can customise and combine items to create your very own look.

For example any charm can be added to any necklace and pieces can be joint together to create a unique combination and and individual style. 

Everyone has their own personal style and Sence Copenhagen like to think that since we change our clothes everyday, why can't we have the flexibility to change our jewellery? 

When the jewellery designers created each piece, they got inspiration from the forthcoming fashion trends. This means that a piece of Sence jewellery is going to match fashion items for this season, and with the versatility of the jewellery, it can be adapted to suit any trend in the future. 


The full range will be on the website soon so follow Eden on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for updates and more pictures!