Q & A with Ruth

Ruth, the owner of Eden, has been asked to answer some questions on her favourite fashion trends, things that influence her, her favourite items from Eden and more.

1. What/Who influences you when you are buying for the shop?

Ruth: I am influenced by what my customers would like to wear and I tend not to buy something just because it is on trend. I like to buy clothes that are made of good quality fabrics and have an interesting design or pattern. Having a fashion construction background means I like to choose clothes which are well made, long lasting and timeless. 

2. What is your favourite choice of music?

Ruth: It depends on my mood. I have well over 500 CD’s at home so I like a variety of genres. I also like listening to Radio 2 (especially Steve Wright serious jockin' on a Friday!)

3. What fashion items are essential to you?

Ruth: Jeans or leggings, scarves and converse trainers.

4. Where do you like to shop for your own clothes?

Ruth: All the clothes I wear are from Eden. Although I tend to buy clothes when I am away travelling or on holiday.

5. What magazines do you read?

Ruth: I subscribe to Drapers and Womenswear Buyer, so trade magazines!  I read Stylist when I am at the airport.

6. Where is your favourite holiday destination?

Ruth: I really enjoyed visiting Tunisa last year and Costa de la Luz which has the most amazing beaches. I like anywhere with hot weather with not too long a flight!

7. What is your favourite fashion era?

Ruth: I like the 60’s era. I wouldn’t necessarily wear the 60’s style but I like the fashion.

8. Pick an outfit from Eden


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