Complete summer outfit on a £80 budget - Get More For Your Money

Getting more for your money is always a good thing, right?

Here's a simple summer holiday look in monochrome (but one that won't break the bank!)

Starting from the top we have the SFwillie knit top £35  - it's also available in mandarine if you are looking for a pop of colour instead.

Next we have this supersoft scarf by Miss Shorthair £19

Finally we have these Hilisa shorts £25 - perfect for holidays or for a day like today

Completing the look is easy and voila, there you have new pieces to work together and hopefully team with other garments already in your wardrobe and all for under £80!

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The Must Have Prints This Season!

Here at Eden, prints are in part of our identity as a fashion boutique. We hope to give customers beautiful yet unique pieces that will be loved and go on to last.

Here's a top pick of our favourite prints this month!

First up is this selected femme stripey mandarin top at £15. This is a great casual and easy to wear t shirt for those warmer summer days ahead and also simple to layer. To create the perfect outfit pair with jeans!

Next are these playful spotty b-young shorts for £25. The hem has a  lovely lace trim and are especially fab for wearing on holiday. More features are two side pockets and an elasticated waist band. These shorts are ideal to wear with a plain t shirt and are wonderfully light making them great for packing!  

Another b-young piece is this mesmerizing monochrome zig zag dress newly in the boutique at a reasonable price of £35! It is a flattering a line design and a good length perfect for many occasions as it can be dressed up. 


The Nomads meadow print trousers- £35 offer a new take on floral and are comfortable and lightweight for summer travels with a slim leg fit and elasticated waist. Bright tops would go best with these printed trousers. 


The last print to admire is this Smash tropical print top coming in at £35. This has to be the ultimate summer print top because of its artistic repeat design. It also has a round neck and curved hemline which is suitable for all shapes. Nice to wear with plain trousers or a pair of jeans.  

Thanks for keeping up to date with the latest blog here at Eden and be sure to let us know what ones your favourite on any of our social media @edenretail Twitter & Instagram. Facebook 

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Doing packing for holidays the Eden way...

Holiday time is almost here for me (only one sleep to go!), so i've gathered together my top 5 packing tips.


Go for a lightweight suitcase to make the most of your baggage allowance - my suitcase is pretty small measuring around 15" x 20"   

Be ruthless with your clothes, lay everything out and aim to get rid of at least a third before it goes into the suitcase - If you are off on a beach holiday you'll probably spend most of the time in your swimwear.

Shoes - again limit the number you take with you - for me its trainers to travel in,  flip flops for the daytime and flat sandals for the evening 


Pack what you need - go for travel sized or decant enough of your can't live without products into small bottles.  You’re likely to be provided with hairdryer too at your hotel so that's another thing you can leave out

Roll, don’t fold. Not only does it save space, but it avoids creases too. Tuck underwear into the gaps and stick rolled up socks inside shoes.  Here's a video with 12 travel packing tips and hacks - 


Don't forget to leave a little room for any holiday purchases too!

Happy holidays, hope you enjoyed this weeks blog - don't forget you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest 

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Behind the scenes at a buying appointment

On Monday there was no Bank Holiday for me, (in fact as Monday is actually my day off so I don't get any Monday holidays at all!) but never mind about that.  I was off buying.  Heading off to Glasgow for yet another buying appointment.  This time it was for B Young's end of year (think Christmas time) collection.  Think rich opulent colours, fabrics plus a bit of black too.

The Danish brand B Young produce six collections which are delivered throughout the year, ensuring that there is a steady stream of new products arriving in-store.   Each collection contains around 200 - 250 pieces so there's quite a lot to choose from, thankfully not all of the styles are ones I would select for Eden.


Even though its still one of the hard parts of the buying process - selecting the styles, then colours and sizes.

The brands look book and colour palette can inspire me but I do tend to try on all my chosen samples (in fact I don't understand buyers who don't do this) things can look completely different on a hanger or on a model in a glossy catalogue.  Sometimes the fit is not quite right or not as expected.

I hope you have enjoyed my glimpse behind the scenes at a buying appointment - you'll just have to wait a little while before my selection arrives!


Have a lovely weekend and thank you for taking time to read this weeks blog post.  Don't forget to give us a follow us on our social media channels - Facebook,Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest.


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How in-store fashion shows are the way forward...

Last Sunday we held our first in-store fashion show at Eden.  We've done a fair number of fashion shows over the years, but always at other venues so this one was a first for us.  

It took a bit of planning and organisation to optimise the boutique shop floor.  The stockroom became the models dressing area (space was tight but it worked) and it saved us time because normally we have to transport everything required away from the shop.  Overall we were really happy with the end result.  

So just for you, here's a few short videos from our show -




We plan to host future events like this at Eden, so make sure you are signed up to receive our emails to be the first to know!


As we had a super day for it, we even managed to catch ourselves some sunshine on the terrace afterwards!


Myself and Alana after the event.  

As it was also Alana's last week of her twelve week internship placement as part of her fashion management course it was good to go out on a high.  I'll be a bit lost without her but she's left me a schedule to keep me in check now she's gone!

I hope you enjoyed the videos and blog, sign up to our newsletter & Eden edit for the latest happenings 

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