The statement jumper of the season and how to wear it

You have have seen this in one of our previous posts about our new in Selected Femme deliveries, but we are bringing it back to show you how to style the Sfkasia Selected Yellow knit in 3 different ways... keep reading to find out how to dress your knit this season!

All the looks put together here are reasonably casual, first we have the knit paired with an oversized get duster coat which I think goes great with the bold yellow and a pair of skinny jeans which go great with anything! The look has been finished off with a pair of loafers and large shopper bag to create the perfect slightly more formal outfit!

This next look is definitely more on the casual side, the SfKasia knit has been paired with a leather jacket and pair of mom jeans which i think go together perfectly, the backpack and white sneakers really finish off this look, making the perfect outfit for perhaps a gig or a few drinks down the pub with some friends!

The last look that has been created with the Selected knit is a bit more youthful and fun, perhaps better for a warmer day where you can afford to wear this jumper without anything else underneath. A cute mini skirt and a pair of black ankle boots really make this outfit, add some bright red lippy and a small shoulder bag and your good to go! Wear with tights if you're not too comfortable with having your legs out or if the weather is a bit brisk!


Thanks for reading this week, hope you've enjoyed our post on how to style your Sfkasia Selected Femme knit and try out some looks for yourself!


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Bold prints of the season

We have SO much prints this season to share with you, so this weeks blog post is simply going to be a selection of our favourite prints with links to the product on which they are on and where you can find them, hope something catches your attention this week!


These two prints come from the brand Nomads, exactly the same print just in completely different colours which make a huge difference, shop these tops now - Right Print - Left Print


Carrying on the Nomads theme, these two prints have very similar colouring but with the feathers including a pop of orange to brighten up the top a bit, shop the right print here on the feather print t -shirt and the left here on the short sleeved flare dress.


I know what your thinking, florals for Spring....but they are a pattern that just do not go out of date and are always on trend. You can get away with wearing a completely black outfit with a floral top and it will definitely make your outfit! Shop these B Young beauties here - Left Print - Right Print - Currently only available in store.


Not everyone is a fan of colour and thats a fact, but there are ways of wearing a fun pattern with minimal colour if your trying to experiment a little bit. On the right is our Muted Tones 'Shibori Shirt' which you may have seen featured in some of our other blog posts and on the left is the B Young Dazer Skirt.


Stripes? What are your thoughts? I think most people are a fan of stripes, but again it depends on colour, horizontal or vertical? The patterns here could not be more different, but both equally as fun, the mix of colours on the right hand side weirdly compliment each other considering some of the colours are polar opposites. This print is featured on the back and arms of a Nomads long sleeved oversized top which you can find here. And on the left is the B Young Sadino Print Blouse, this ones a bit more safe, composing of colours that compliment each other, and putting a girly spin on this blouse.


Okay we've shown you quite a variety of patterns, and its not even half of what we currently have in store, but to end this post we're going to show you two of the more simple patterns we carry, spots and stars are a classic print and again, you can't really go wrong wearing any of them. The metallic spots on the left are featured on the Selected Femme SFValora top and the stars on the right on the B Young Tilavimo star shirt.

Hope you've enjoyed the post this week on our favourite prints in store, come in and see for yourself what other prints we have to offer you!

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New Bohemia

We have finally come to the end of our Spring arrivals, it's been a long few months with what it feels like never ending deliveries, and one of our brands, Bohemia which we have been stocking for 6 seasons now, never lets us down with its unique collections and original designs! Heres a sneak peak of just some of the key pieces that we currently have in store!

First we have this Stone knit cardigan, the perfect layer for your upcoming holiday, or perhaps you have an occasion coming up that you need a little cover up for? You can't go wrong with this little number for a cover up!

Bohemia Stone Knit Cardigan - £59

Speaking of holidays, this blouse just screams SUN at you, looking for the perfect top for upcoming warmer weather? This is made from 100% Cotton so there is no greater feel against your skin and being slightly oversized, it is extremely comfortable and lightweight!

Bohemia Pocket Shirt - £59

Although Summer holiday season is fast approaching, sometimes its nice to just spend some time off at home, and in Scotland it's not always exactly tropical enough to always were something lightweight, so heres a summery knit by Bohemia, this could be worn as either a dress on its own, or as a tunic style with a pair of jeans underneath. It's fun, with a simple pattern on the front to add that that little bit of extra something.

Bohemia Longline knit - £64

This duster coat is a personal favourite, the belted fasten and rolled up sleeves gives the impression that it could be worn either open with jeans and a jumper for a casual look, or belted up with a dress/ work wear for that more formal look. 

Bohemia Belted Duster Coat - £149

This crinkled textured top is a great layer for summer, a relaxed fit so super comfortable and a slightly muted colour for those who maybe aren't so comfortable with bold colours and prints.

Bohemia Crinkled Texture Top - £39

Thanks for reading this week! Hopefully see you in store soon! 


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New Selected Femme

Its the time of year where Spring/Summer deliveries are non stop, but they are slowly coming to an end and before we know it, it will be time to start getting Autumn/Winter deliveries again, but not quite yet.

We recently had the last of our Selected Femme come in, so keep scrolling to find out what we have in store for you this season!

First up, we have this gorgeous knit, just perfect for the Spring weather, it is a staple piece that you need to have in your wardrobe this season to wash away the blues of winter and finally get into the SPRING of things!

Selected Femme - Sfkasia Knit - £60


Just because the festive season is over, doesn't mean that you can't still wear a little bit of glitter to funk up your outfit, this blouse features large silver spots to give it a bit of extra oomph and fun to your wardrobe!

Selected Femme - Sfvalora Dotted Blouse - £55

Moving on to something a bit more Summery, the Sfbelini 3/4 dress is great for both day time and night time, dress it up with a pair of heels and a leather jacket for a night out with the girls or throw on a pair of sandals and a backpack and take advantage of the lightweight fabric on those hot sunny days!

Selected Femme Sfbelini 3/4 Dress- £80

This new in knit feels amaaazzing against your skin, its made from Viscose, Polyester and Nylon which equals an incredibly soft texture causing absolutely no itch! The slightly geometric/ abstract print with the colour pop of orange adds a little something, making the jumper a little bit more exciting!

 Selected Femme Sfcanni Knit - £55

Another knit up next, this short sleeved number is a must have, again, incredibly soft, this knit hugs your figure and has just the right amount of elasticity to give that bit of extra room. There is a classic knitted texture on the chest and the sleeves to add a bit of extra detail.

Selected Femme Sfmilla - £45

Have an event coming up? An afternoon tea, a birthday party or even just a date night? Look no further! Below we have the Sfadelyn dress in the colour Birch, a classic look with a gorgeous feminine shaping to accentuate the waist and a flattering V-neck.

 Selected Femme Sfadelyn dress - £75


Thanks for reading this weeks post on one of our many deliveries we've had in lately, and pop into store to check them out for yourselves!

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Nomads New in

It seems like Eden is drowning in deliveries at the moment, and with the snow causing a bit of hassle a few weeks ago, everything started arriving at once, causing us to make some decisions on what to have out in the shop! We were asking ourselves, is it too cold to put this out? is this top too summery for this weather? Its hard when the weather can do a anything at this time of year!

Nethertheless, its always exciting opening up new deliveries, and the Nomads delivery was one that is eye-catching to say the least! With hues of mango, blues and greens, these products are definitely getting us in the mood for the Spring/Summer!

First up, this super fun feather print t-shirt really gives you that Summer feel, with the colours complimenting each other perfectly, and the flattering boat neckline, this top can do no wrong!

Feather T-shirt - £39


How about a bit of mango? this lightweight knit is not only eye catching, but also acts as that extra bit of warmth to wear on summer nights while not getting rid of that summer feel.

Mango pocket knit - £55

We are loving these Khaki narrow leg trousers, a style and shape that will never go out of fashion, these are a sure thing when buying. With a flattering flat front, and elasticated back, they ensure maximum comfort and stretch and will go with anything in your wardrobe!

Khaki Narrow Leg Trouser - £46

How about this number? fun, colourful and striking, its the perfect piece for someone who likes to experiment with colour and pattern. With the abstract style print on the front of the top and stripy sleeves and back, this top has a little something if your looking for something different!

Oversized Long Sleeved Top - £48


This shirt is made from woven cotton, so its very light and breathable, again perfect for the upcoming warmer months, or if your going on holiday somewhere warm. Pair it with a pair of the nomads narrow leg trousers for the ultimate comfort and style.

3/4 Sleeve Shirt - £50

This tunic style shirt is quite similar in terms of shape, but with a few extra details like the subtle pleats on the front, pockets and cuffed sleeves. With a muted tone, this shirt can be worn with anything and any colour to complete your summer look!

Pleated detailed tunic - £35

Last but not least, an accessory to complete the look. If you read the Mothers Day post a few weeks ago you probably have already seen these but they're too fun not to post again! These fringed beauties are available in 6 stunning colours, Sunflower yellow, Aqua blue, Mango orange, Chambray blue, sherbet pink and apple green!

Fringed Scarves - £15


 Hope you enjoyed this weeks post on our new delivery, keep your eyes peeled for more in the next few weeks!


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